Saturday, September 29, 2012

The End Of Term 3

Another fantastic term!!! Learning about the Olympics sports, athletes and countries really hooked me in and made me more eager to find out next terms topic. Saying bye to my friends was really sad. Even though we still have another term to finish off. I can't believe I am saying this but I wish school kept going. Who am I going to eat my lunch with now. Anyway, I gave all my friends a hug especially Kingston who is leaving to Australia to live. It was really sad saying bye to people who you might never see. Bye Kingston, I hope you have an awesome time at Australia. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of what is happening in my holidays.

Next week is going to be so fun as some of us students are having a riverside camp all the way at Willow Park. I've been there last year and had a great time. I can't wait for the new and exciting things that are going to happen there. We will be there from Monday 1st October- Friday 5th October. On Saturday we will be celebrating my cousins birthday. That is where my holiday planning has stopped for now. I can't wait to find out what will be happening on week 2 for the holidays. Happy holidays everyone. Stay safe and have fun!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Special Visitor Visits Pt England

You won’t believe who came to Pt England. He has been on Campbell live, youtube and many more websites on the internet. Guess who? The one and only Joshua Iosefo. I was so excited, not only to see him but to hear him recite his Brown Brother. He inspired me and my friends to stand up and don’t listen to stereotypes.

I was so excited until my mouth opened and unexpectedly said to Ms Squires “Miss, Can I do the thank you speech?” NOOOOOO. Why did I say that. I wanted to take it back but then again I did want to tell Joshua what I thought about his poem. So I decide to do it.

We were waiting patiently for Joshua and his family to walk in. All of a sudden everyone turned around and stayed like that. Why is everyone facing that...... oh, I said in my head. He’s here. They sat down and Mr Burt began to speak....... "Now we are going to give the time for Joshua."

I am brown, brown like............................................ When he finished we all cheered and clapped. After that there were questions we had to get through.

To be continued...

In conclusion I would like to say thank you for Joshua and his parents for coming to our school. I have definitely learnt not to listen to stereotypes and to except a person for who they are. This was a great opportunity for our year 7&8 and wish to have another person like Joshua to come and visit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Mini Olympic But Better

Yesterday was a fantastic day as the whole school had a mini Olympics. Looking around you could see children dressed up in colours representing 16 countries. I was in the beautiful country of Sweden. Our team leader was Samson and I was the co-leader. We played games that were simple such as Handball, Foursquare, Basketball etc. There were also other sports that were really really different. For example Sitting Down Volley. This is how the day started.

It was a sunny day which was a bonus. We were all sitting down waiting for something to happen when all of a sudden Ms Va'afusuaga started to speak. She explained the rules for today, how to earn points and a lot more. After that Ms V sent the juniors to their first activity and left us seniors to find our own way. I didn’t think that was a good idea especially for Sweden. We tried to find our first activity. Me and Samson searched the paper and eventually found our way.

My favourite activity for the day was definitely foursquare against Romania. It was just like handball but with a partner. My partner was Samson and we were the ultimate team. Hitting the ball was a piece of cake but the only challenging thing was when people would skim the ball. I don’t know about Samson but I have gotten better in foursquare. Just to let you know we WON!!!

We played more games but foursquare was my favourite. I really like our Mini Olympic and wish to have another. Thanks to Ms Va'afusuaga, Mr J, all the teachers and the prefects for making this day happen. It was definitely a day to remember.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Social for 2012

Thursday 13th September was a day to remember. Why? Well... Because the year 7&8's had their very own social. I thought that this years social was going to be boring but I was wrong. It ended up being an enjoyable night and this is how it all planed out.

One of the reasons why I liked this years social was because of the theme. ‘New Zealand's Olympic Team’ but an easier way of saying it would be ‘Black And White’. No one really came in black and white which was disappointing.

The highlight for me that evening would be the dance competitions. The first competition was a dougie battle and the winner of that was Nezinli. Second event was a catdaddy comp. Lots of people were good but at it but not as good as Samson, our winner. Next competition that I am going to tell you about was my favourite. AZONTO!!! I danced to the peak of my talent but sadly I didn't win. As I danced with my friends I got tired and sat down. Most of my friends were still dancing. Waving their hands in the air was a sign that everyone was having an awesome time. Thanks to Selena and Mr Tele'a for being the D.J of that night.

So that was how it all planed out. As I said my highlight for the evening was the dance competitions. It was good to see lots of people having fun. Anyway, I would like to thank the Tele'a family for all their help. Also most of the teachers for keeping us safe and last but not least the prefects for making this happen.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mini Olympics

I ran to the hall like a cheetah, trying to dodge the rain. Sprinting to the hall and dodging the rain was no challenge for me though. Anyway, I saw everyone sitting down. As I walked in I started to scan the room for a sign saying: Mataatua 1. I found it and sat down. I waited and waited for something to happen.

It was Monday 3rd September, the day the year 5-8’s had an awesome sports day. Sadly, they changed the games because of the weather. The teachers decided to play inside games such as Jump Jam with Ms M, Cyber Coach with Mubba, Movie watching with Mr J, some more movie watching with Mrs Tele’a, relays with Ms Vaafusuaga and another relay with Mr Burt.

One of the activities I enjoyed was Movie watching with Mrs Tele’a. In this activity we had the opportunity to relax and watch old manaiakalani movies. At the beginning I felt really excited to see my friends looking young and with a cute voice. Anyway, as I said I was excited but as I watched the movies all of a sudden a movie with ME came on. “No. Please Mrs Tele’a don’t put that movie on” I begged Mrs Tele’a.
“Lets watch Vivienne.” Mrs Tele’a excitedly said. Everyone cheered and I tried to hide.

“Shot Vivienne. That was a pretty cool movie.” My friend said to me. I looked up and it wasn’t that bad. I wished I had had the confidence to watch that movie.

As I said we went around to different rotations and sadly that was our last rotation. Everyone went back into the hall and watched PENN (Pt England News Network). I really enjoyed our Mini Olympics and wish to have another one.