Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christchurch EARTHQUAKE

At 4:00a.m on Saturday morning there was a complete surprise when an earthquake struck Christchurch. It was a complete surprise because there wasn’t any warning and it wasn’t on the major fault line. It measured up to 7.1 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake caused extensive damage and caused one person have a heart attack and sadly die. There were massive cracks on buildings and especially on the ground. Old buildings were unstable which made them collapse and even split apart. The whole city was littered with glass, bricks and rubble.

It was dangerous during and after the earthquake. People had to evacuate from their house so they won’t get hurt. Things were crashing on cars such as chimneys and rubble. Unfortunately the earthquake caused there to be no water and electricity.

I feel really sad for the people who were in the earthquake. If I was in the earthquake I would feel scared especially if it came without any warning. I hope the people in Christchurch rebuild their lives.


Blackbeard a notorious but courageous pirate started his pirating career at 1716. Sadly he struck terror in the hearts of sailors and villagers with his raiding of ships. Some say Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach.

Blackbeard braided his beard to make him look crazy. He wore scruffy clothes helping create a menacing appearance. His knives and pistols were strapped around his waist, ready to fight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prize Giving

On Saturday the year 5’s and 4’s had prize giving over at the netball court. My aunty and uncle drove me to school and then went back home. At school I got change to my netball uniform with Oshania,Mary and Rita. When we were finish Oshania asked Miss T (Coach) ,“ Can I go to the courts with my aunty?” Miss T replied ,“Yes you can. Where is she?” “Outside” Oshania said. Then Oshania asked me and Mary to come with her.

“Finally, were here” I said to Mary as we entered the netball courts. We met Litia and Ramona at the courts. They were eating ice block. They said to me,Oshania and Mary to go and get some, its for free. Mary was going to get one but Mrs Nua said to get it latter. I looked at all the trophy’s. It was then time for us to go down and find a spot for us to sit in.

The lady was talking in the microphone to every one. The only person we were waiting for was Mele. Latter she came but she was the only person from our team that wasn’t wearing her netball uniform. It was the year 4’s turn to go up. Litia was cheering hard out. I then realised that if you were a runner up you only get a certificate but if you were a winner you get a trophy. Our team were runners up and Holy cross were the winners.

It was our turn to go up and they handed our certificates to us. I was happy that we got something. When it was finish we took a team photo and then we took one with Miss T and Mrs Jarman. The last photo was my favourite one. We had to jump of the chairs. “Finally we went to get an ice block but there was no more. My aunty and uncle came and I told them that there was no more ice block, so instead we went to Mac Donald and I got a sundae. THE END