Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly

“Guess what the topic is for this term?” I said to my friend Tauwhare as we walked into class. “Mighty Marige” she stated confidently. I giggled to myself “No I think it’s Mighty Mariners” I replied and I was correct. I knew I was right because I looked up in the wall. As soon as the bell went we went to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. As soon as I entered the hall I looked around and I saw a pirates,vikings and a captain that looked a bit like James cook. I knew this was going to be an awesome term.

After that Mr Burt told us about his journey to America. He went from city to city. He had five t-shirts on which was sort of anoying because he kept on taking them of and I was thinking how many t-shirts does he have, but the t-shirts represent all the diffrent places he went to. It was funny because Mr Burt had to sleep in a hallway. After Mr Burt it was team ones Item.

Team ones Item was a movie. They didn’t sing or act but they showed a movie. Amazingly Kingston drew the picture for them and team1 teachers did the voice overs. It was about the 7 waka’s migrating to NZ.

Team two’s Item was Ms Burne who was James Cook and Ms She was an angry pirate. The angry pirate (Ms She) wanted an I pad. She was also a greedy pirate.

My favourite team though was team 3 because they had a lollie scramble and team 5 which was Ms Tito. She was Jessica Watson. I liked Ms Tito because I was interested of what she did. She sailed around the world which I think is preaty cool.I am excited about this term because I can’t wait to learn about Jessica Watson

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Highlights in the Holiday

In the holidays I went to the movies at Sylvia park. I watched Toy Story 3. I was excited to watch it and my family. At the beginning it was funny but at the end it is sad. It's sad because Andy gives his toy's to someone else. I thought to myself " I wonder if there is a Toy Story 4?"I wanted to watch Shrek but my cousin chose Toy Story 3. Four days later I went to the movies again. I went to the same one but by a train. I went with my cousins, my brother and my cousins friend. We were going to watch The Karate Kid but we ended up watching Twilight eclipse. I liked watching Twilight better than Toy Story 3. That was my highlight of my holidays. THE END

Friday, July 2, 2010

One of My Favourite Movies

One of my favourite movie's are Twilight. I've watched all of the clips but not Twilight eclipse. My favourite character is Alice. Even though she is not the main character I still like her. She is my favourite character because she looks really pretty. In the holiday I wish I can go and watch it. The End


Every Friday at 8.30pm on channel two I watch Glee. I like watching glee because I like there voice. But Glee is not my favourite program to watch. It would probably be My wife and kids.I like that one because of the characters. They are really funny. Anyway back to Glee. My favourite character is Rachel because of her voice. THE END